Redefine how you travel with the E-Lex, a nippy, learner legal electric scooter that features a 1500w motor so you can take on the city commute with ease.


£1699.99 *

* Price shown includes a 20% OLEV Plug-in Motorcycle grant. RRP: £2124.99.

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Lexmoto E-Lex Euro 5

Lexmoto E-Lex Euro 5 Overview

Redefine how you travel with the E-Lex, a nippy, learner legal electric scooter that features a 1500w motor so you can take on the city commute with ease.

With its easily removable twin batteries, zero-emission output and affordability this scooter changes the accessibility of electrically-powered vehicles and will help to reduce harmful carbon emissions in built-up areas.

The two batteries can be removed in a matter of seconds, meaning that it can be taken out and charged indoors overnight, or taken to the office while at work for a top-up with a useable range of up to 55 miles*.

The positive impact on the environment is recognised by the UK Government, who are keen to support the adaptation of electric vehicles. The E-Lex is eligible to meet the OLEV grant scheme, which gives a 20% reduction from the RRP.

*This range is depending on speed / weight / braking and other factors.


8.9% APR Finance
£41.94 / Month

RRP Price - £1,699.99 *
Monthly payments - £41.94
Duration - 60 months
Deposit - £100
Credit - £491.41
Total Payable - £2,616.40

* Includes 20% OLEV Plug-In Motorcycle Grant

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Model Name
Lexmoto E-Lex Euro 5
Model Code
Max Power
(2.0 hp) 1.5kW
Max Speed
28 MPH (45 KMH)
Engine Brand
Wuxi XingWei
Engine Type
Electric Motor
Gear Type
Twist and Go
Start Type
Electric Start
Battery Voltage
Front Brake
Hydraulic Disc
Rear Brake
Front Tyre
Rear Tyre
Tyre Model
Front Suspension
Telescopic Forks
Rear Suspension
Twin Shock Absorber
1745 mm
685 mm
1090 mm
1285 mm
Mass in Running Order
70 kg
Maximum Laden Mass
240 kg

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Rear Brake Lever

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Throttle Grip

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Rear Shock

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Front Mudguard (Black)

Front Mudguard (Black)


Seat Bucket

Seat Bucket


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