Our story

Llexeter was founded in 2003, with the company starting to import Motorcycles & Scooters into the UK market shortly after. As the business grew, the original Pulse Motorcycle brand was set up. Designed to appeal to first time riders the Pulse brand quickly gained fans with its popular Scout and Adrenaline models. In 2007 the Lexmoto brand was developed to offer unbeatable value in the form of hassle free Motorcycles and scooters. Models such as the Gladiator and Arrow quickly became the bikes of choice for those wanting reliable motoring.

Since those earlier days, our brand has grown with an ever-expanding range of both 50cc & 125cc Motorcycles & Scooters. Our ability to provide market leading quality models with exceptional support has been reflected in Lexmoto being awarded both the Motorcycle and Franchise of the year awards on multiple occasions.

At Lexmoto we firmly believe that everyone should be able to ride, whatever the age or ability. Not only this, but everyone should be able to afford to ride and enjoy the benefits of the exceptional fuel economy & running costs that our vehicles provide.

We don't just believe in our products either, we invest heavily in selecting what dealers represent our products and who can support you in your purchase. All our chosen dealers have years of individual experience and technical expertise to help you.

Our dealers have access to every single Lexmoto part, allowing them to repair your vehicle to the levels that we demand and you expect. We know that if you need a replacement part then you've already suffered enough without the hassle of waiting for an expensive fix. Our parts back-up is entirely based in the UK and is priced at a level that can get you back on the road, as soon as possible.

Above all else, everyone should love riding their bikes. It is with this passion that Lexmoto was formed and it is this continued passion that drives us forward in everything we do now, from sourcing the vehicles to delivering them to you through our dealers.



Lexmoto wins the Motorcycle Franchise of the year award for the second successive time

Lexmoto launch enhanced 2 year warranty including support for customers across the Lexmoto dealer network.


Lexmoto are awarded Motorcycle Franchise of the Year and Scooter franchise of the year merit

Lexmoto appears at the Manchester Motorcycle Show for the first time. Lexmoto finishes the year having appeared in every top 10 registration table for the year


Lexmoto are awarded Scooter Franchise of the Year Merit at BDN Awards

New Offices are constructed to provide larger facilities for sales and purchasing teams. Llexeter Expands to take on an additional unit increasing capacity to 4500 vehicles. UM appoint Llexeter as their UK distributor, Lexmoto Echo is top selling 50cc and awarded Autotrader award for best AM bike of 2017


Lexmoto becomes the top selling 125cc and 50cc brand in the UK

December 2016 Lexmoto was the top selling brand of all manufacturers regardless of capacity. Lexmoto is awarded Scooter franchise of the year at BDN Awards. Yet another unit is taken on to accommodate extra business. Vehicle capacity is now 4000 vehicles. 1 out of every 2 Chinese motorcycle registered in the UK is a Lexmoto! Lexmoto Echo is Top selling 50cc model in the UK. Lexmoto dispatches over 10,000 vehicles in a single year for the first time.


A new unit is constructed increasing Lexmotos vehicle capacity from 1400 to 3600

Pallet racking is introduced to increase stock capacity. Pulse is merged into Lexmoto lineup. Lexmoto Scout is now the top selling 50cc model in the UK! Lextek brand is developed to provide high quality, low cost motorcycle parts and accessories


Lexmoto are awarded Scooter Franchise of the Year at BDN Awards

Lexmoto exhibit at MCN London for the first time. Pulse Scout is still the UKs top selling 50cc model.


Warehouse space is converted to offer purpose built customer services and technical areas

Pulse Scout is still the UKs top selling 50cc model! 1 in 3 Chinese motorcycles sold in the UK is Lexmoto or Pulse!


Office space increases to accommodate staffing increase

Pulse Scout is still the UKs top selling 50cc model


New unit is fitted with a Mezzanine floor to expand storage further

Lexmoto exhibits at Motorcycle Live for the first time. Pulse Scout is top selling 50cc in the UK. Lexmoto enters the UK top 10 selling manufacturer list for the first time


Llexeter expands into an additional unit to double storage capacity

Pulse Scout becomes top selling 50cc models in the UK. 1 in 4 Chinese motorcycles sold in the UK is provided by Lexmoto or Pulse


Llexeter switches to dealer only distribution of Motorcycles and Scooters


CMPO is created

Parts area is fitted with mezzanine to improve parts storage


Lexmoto brand is created

Llexeter appear at the BDN Motorcycle Expo for the first time


Pulse Motorycles brand is created


Llexeter start importing Motorycles and Scooters


Llexeter Founded

Our awards

In 2014 we won our first award, BDN Scooter Franchise of the year 2014, and since then have gone on to win the same award in 2016 and awarded the merit in 2017.

Other awards include Autotraders Best Bike of 2017 in the AM category for the Lexmoto Echo and the BDN Motorcycle Franchise of the Year 2016 Merit & then winners of that award in 2018.

The BDN awards are voted for by dealers, and the Motorcycle Franchise Award in 2016 was missed by only 5 votes to Yamaha. Not bad for a Chinese motorcycle brand!


Why Choose Lexmoto


Here at Lexmoto, we think of ourselves as a forward-thinking, honest company. Rather than try & mislead you by disguising where our bikes are made, we have chosen to embrace it & fix the problems that were once associated with Chinese Motorcycles.


Lexmoto is backed by www.chinesemotorcyclepartsonline.co.uk which is the most comprehensive Chinese Motorcycle Parts stockist outside of China! Providing not only a quick and efficient service but, CMPO offers parts at incredibly competitive prices.

Dealer Support
Dealer support

We were the first Chinese Motorcycle brand to switch to dealer only distribution. All of our Lexmoto dealers provide servicing and showroom facilities so that you can not only see the bike you want before you buy but, you can have a dealer to support you with the servicing of the bike throughout its lifetime.


Lexmoto is part of the Llexeter Group. Having dealt with a large selection of different companies, Llexeter has experience in quality control and sourcing. Meaning we can guarantee exceptional value and the highest-quality products are being carried through into the Lexmoto range.

Localised Control
Localised Control

Despite dealing with Chinese Products, Lexmoto is based in Exeter, UK. Being based in the UK allows us to finely tailor our range for the UK market. We listen to what you and our dealers want & we handpick the models to match the criteria.

Customer Focused
Customer Focused

We love our customers! We engage with you through Facebook, listen to your feedback, answer any questions and most importantly join in with your light-hearted banter.

For us, our customer's matter the most.

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