Why choose Lexmoto

Lexmoto is different to many of its competitors. Here are some of the advantages of Lexmoto;


Lexmoto are a forward thinking company who wants to be as direct as possible with its customers. Rather than mislead our customers by disguising where our bikes were made, we have chosen to embrace it and try and fix the problems that were once associated with Chinese Motorcycles. The truth is that there is much assumption associated with brands. Suzuki, Honda, Yamaha are Japanese brands. Piaggio, Peugeot and Aprilia are European brands. With companies of their size they have multiple suppliers around the world and whilst their flagship models may be from the brand country, the smaller capacity models are often outsourced to the countries they try to distance you from when buying. Try www.whomademybike.com and see for yourself where the bikes are made.


If you've ever heard of parts problems being associated with Chinese motorcycles and scooters they're talking about brands that aren't Lexmoto. Lexmoto is backed by www.chinesemotorcyclepartsonline.co.uk which is the most comprehensive Chinese Motorcycle parts stockist outside of China! In tests by MCN and other industry publications we've even beaten the Japanese and European branded models. With an independent trustpilot score of 5 Stars you can be assured of what we consider to be the industries best for spare parts by having access to not only a quick and efficient service but also incredibly competitive pricing. Lexmoto is one of the only brands to list all its parts online. There's no need to be stung with unexpected dealer prices when you buy parts with Lexmoto!

Dealer Support

We were the first Chinese Motorcycle brand to switch to dealer only distribution. We do not sell bikes directly to the public because it's a compromise on safety that we are not prepared to make. All of our Lexmoto dealers provide servicing and showroom facilities so that you can not only see the bike you want before you buy but also have a dealer to support you with the servicing of the bike throughout its lifetime.


Lexmoto is part of the Llexeter Group. Llexeter was established in 2003 and has contacts within hundreds of different companies within China. Having dealt with a large selection of companies on different projects Llexeter has developed a vast experience in quality control and sourcing. This translates to exceptional value and quality being carried through into the Lexmoto Product Range.

Localised Control

Despite dealing with Chinese Products, Lexmoto is based in Exeter, UK. Being local to the area we sell to allows us to finely tailor our range for the UK market. We have the choice in what models we choose to deal with which some of our competitors could only dream of! It's not a matter of pleasing the bosses on the other side of the globe by trying to sell products that people don't want. Instead we handpick the models that the UK wants. We ask our dealers for feedback. We get our facebook followers to vote on colours, names and specifications. We listen to what our customers want and deliver the product to match the criteria.

Customer Focus

We love our customers! We engage with them through Facebook, Reward them for their reviews, Listen to their feedback, Help them with their questions, Join with them in light hearted banter! For us the customer matters. We want to hear what happens to our products after they leave the showrooms across the country. We want your pictures of where you've been, what you've found, what you've experienced on two wheels. It's this consideration that makes us better suppliers for our future customers. We don't waste our money on race teams, fancy promotions or gimmicks. We focus instead on bringing products that speak for themselves and deliver on quality. Products that are aimed at the learner legal market to provide customers a stepping stone towards a lifetime of motorcycling. We passionately believe that our products speak for themselves. We are one of the only companies within the motorcycle industry that allow customers to actively review our products and services. We welcome anyone to check out our reviews for Facebook and our parts page CMPO.

https://www.facebook.com/lexmotouk/reviews http://www.chinesemotorcyclepartsonline.co.uk/rating.php

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