Lextek Motorcycle Battery YTX7A-BS 150x90x95mm

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Our Lextek batteries are more than just a collection of charged electrons stored in a maintenance free environment. They are what gives a motorcycle or scooter life, without it the bike is just a gorgeous looking collection of nuts and bolts. Give your bike a new lease of life with one of our Lextek batteries, they come with the acid supplied separately, and are quick and easy to install. There are instructions included on how to prepare your battery to be installed into your bike. Please read the important information about this product before purchasing.


  • Comes complete with acid pack and installation instructions.
  • Conventional lead/acid and self-sealed maintenance-free batteries are delivered 70% dry charged. After filling with the correct battery acid we recommend that you fully charge the battery before installation.
  • The 'Y', 'C' or 'G' denotes the motorcycle battery manufacturer & can be substituted for another letter depending on the make of battery, for example: YTX9-BS, CTX9-BS, GTX9-BS are all the same battery.
Battery Type NumberYTX7A-BS
Battery TypeSealed/Maintenance-Free Lead-Acid
Capacity Rating6Ah
Cold-Start Performance90EN
Maximum Charging Rate1 Amp
Terminal Layout:Left + Right - (With the terminals on the edge nearest to you)
Distance between Terminals120mm
Mr Robert Kennedy
Apr 15, 2018

Excellent service speedy delivery and apleasurw to deal with ..

Mar 6, 2018

Good battery, use express delivery for next day delivery though, otherwise all good

michael e collinson
Jan 17, 2018

very pleased with delivery time.good quality product and worked perfectly after a 2 hour initial charge.goo buy.mike

Kevan funnell
Jan 7, 2018

Good so far , easy to fill with acid .

Colin Vannucci
Jan 2, 2018

100% as advertised ,came 4days early and can honestly say everything spot on starting with price and ending in delivery

David Baker
Dec 24, 2017

found product on ebay very good price and even arrived the day it was ment to week before xmas thats good service well done supplyer and courier service

Robert Anderson
Nov 20, 2017

great deal on price and service delivered in 3 days to Scotland so happy to return customer till the next order Cheers

Kathleen Valentine
Nov 6, 2017

Great purchase, arrived promptly and exactly as ordered

George Eames
Oct 18, 2017

top trumps as far as I am concerned

Triin m
Oct 9, 2017

Fits my Lexmoto Valencia 2013

Paul Shaw
Oct 2, 2017

excellent service and parts arrived the next day as promised.

Ryan Thomas
Sep 30, 2017

Very good service recommended for any one who wants parts delivered very fast and efficient!! Thanks very much

Tom Marwick
Sep 20, 2017

Excellent quality and value for money - Quick, well packaged and easy to use - CMPO are hard to beat !

Talel Amri
Aug 22, 2017

Worth it good powerfull mxbxbxhshbz

Aug 2, 2017

Very reasonably priced parts. Very prompt delivery.

Paul Blencowe
Jul 29, 2017

wow does the job well comes with straight forward instructions easy to read and follow

Steven Pullan
Jul 22, 2017

Battery was well packaged and easy to follow instructions. Works great

Gary thomas
Jun 22, 2017

Great item very cheap compared to other suppliers yet better than them would recommend this battery to anyone needing a new one and not pay 60 + pounds for a less superior battery

Joe Bailey
Jun 20, 2017

Simple to use instructions and fast delivery.

Frank Summers
May 24, 2017

Lextek YTX7A-BS battery was received and fitted. Am most satisfied with battery, delivery, packing and speed of delivery. Represents very good value for money. Thanks and well done.

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