Lextek Front Sprocket 428-17T 156FMI 157FMI

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Mounting Hole PCD34mm
Bolt Hole Diameter5.5mm
Spline Diameter20mm
Spline Quantity6
Spline Width5mm

This part is compatible with the following models:

  • Lexmoto Arrow 125 - HT125-4F
  • Lexmoto Aspire 125 - TD125-43
  • Lexmoto Assault 125 - HJ125-J
  • Lexmoto Falcon 125 - XGJ125-27B
  • Lexmoto Hawk 125 - XGJ125-28
  • Lexmoto LSM 125 - STR125YB
  • Lexmoto Michigan 125 EFI - ZS125-79-E4
  • Lexmoto Michigan 125 - ZS125-79
  • Lexmoto Oregon 125 - HJ125-K
  • Lexmoto Ranger 125 - ZS125-50
  • Lexmoto Texan 125 - JL125-11
  • Lexmoto Venom 125 - SK125-22
  • Lexmoto Venom EFI - SK125-22-E4
  • Lexmoto Venom SE 125 - SK125-22S
  • Lexmoto Viper - SK125-22A
  • Lexmoto Vixen 125 - HT125-8
  • Lexmoto XTR 125 - KS125-23
  • Lexmoto XTR S 125 - KS125-24
  • Lexmoto ZSA 125 - FT125-17C
  • Lexmoto ZSB 125 - SK125-8
  • Lexmoto ZSF 125 - TD125-10C
  • Lexmoto ZSX 125 - ZS125-48A
Karl Andrews
Sep 7, 2017

very good high quality and next day delivery

Sep 6, 2017

Cheap and do what they should

Marc Workman
Aug 5, 2017

Great quality products do exactly what it says on the tin

May 15, 2017

doesnt even fit my bike when in the specs it said it would

S. Martin
Apr 1, 2017

Fits engine stated. Product quality is high.

Wayne Meakins
Sep 4, 2016

Was looking at changing the stock 15T front sprocket on my Lexmoto Arizona to slow the revs a little at the top end and hopefully add a few miles per hour. Ordered a 17T which was delivered within 3 days which included the weekend. Good quality part. Fitted within minutes. With the revs slowed due to change in the gearing ratio the bike seems a much smoother ride. I can now achieve 70mph with out the bike screaming giving everything it has. Great service and quality parts. Thank you

Andy Fear
Aug 25, 2016

Decided to increase the gearing of my xtrs 125 by going up a couple of teeth on the front and it has transformed the bike. Now I can cruise on the with fewer revs and less vibration. On a hill I used to struggle up in 5th I now just ride up comfortably in 4th instead. My only complaint is the Yodel delivery driver went to the wrong house. I got an email saying they were sorry they missed me and had left a card. But that was a lie. I found out that the people who live at the same number as me but on the next street had told him exactly where my house was, but he had just driven off anyway. So I wasted a day waiting in for nothing. Yodel said they couldn't do anything and I would simply have to hope the driver the next day got it right.

Chris Aldridge
Jul 6, 2016

Great quality item from a great company. This is just the support that's needed to make Chinese bikes a viable option in the UK. Having a vast resource like cmpo makes repairs or mods so easy, cheap and fun. Throw in the fact that they deliver super quick and we have a winner. Keep up the good work

Mr N R Flowers
Jul 4, 2016

Good quality and gives you longer gears

Mr E Dowling
Jun 11, 2016

Brought as an upgrade for my sukida 125 patriot. Although wasn't listed as a part for my bike, I was confident with the description that it would fit my bike. And now have a smoother accelerating bike and lower revs at top end with an increase in speed with the 39 tooth rear sprocket which I also purchased.

A Jarrett
May 27, 2016

Fits well works great. Does what they are meant to do...

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