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Posted June 10, 2020

Scotland to Coventry - banking on a new Assault pays dividends

Sometimes you ride for your own personal pleasure, sometimes you ride because you need to get somewhere, and sometimes you ride to help make other peoples lives just that little bit better. Anthony and Gareth became Lexmoto Adventure Club members after completing a lengthy ride, stopping at many different TSB banks to raise money for charity. Good on ya chaps!

Anthony and Gareth

Lexmoto Assault

Dumfries > Berwick Upon Tweed > Newcastle > Sunderland > York > Leeds > Doncaster > Manchester > Liverpool > Leicester > Coventry

Dumfries to Coventry Lexmoto

"This is the story about my New Lexmoto Assault that I had to buy has a back-up bike for our TSB Charity run for the Katharine House Hospice. And the Little Machine quickly became the star. So much so that it has spent the last month, after the adventure, taking the praise, and sat in place of honour in a TSB bank branch.

Lexmoto adventure club Assault

So I made a decision to go ahead and buy another bike as a back up. The stipulation for the journey was that we would do the trip with bikes built in China, as I had said to Gareth that they were very much improved from the early years they were imported from about 2001-2. This had changed now and they were put together in clinical factories,with a skilled workforce and a lot of the work IE. frames, etc ,were actually done with state of the art Robots.

On the first of June we picked the little machine up from Stafford. Well Matt (Speedway Motorcycles, Staffordshire) had said the bike will need running in if you are going to use it, and this needs to be 500km/311 miles, and then the bike needs checking and the oil changed and the filter cleaned. By the Thursday before we left I had got 519km onto the clock of the little Assault, and also changed a sidelight bulb that had blown, and adjusted the swinging arm at its pivot to stop any side-play, and also adjusted the chain a couple of times.

Not having time to take the little bike to a dealer, I changed the oil for new, and cleaned and blew dry the wire filter in the engine drain plug.


The little bike ran like a dream in that very hot week, and did motorway miles as well. All I did was keep checking the chain adjustment and the oil and tyre pressure.


It was amazing proving that a motorcycle made in China is not only has good as most, but in a lot of respects better, £1400 says it all.


I must thank Pete and Paul for getting involved with our mission of adventure , because without them it would never have been achieved.

And I must also thank Matt at Speedway Motorcycles, for selling me a grand little machine, and also LLexeter for bringing these little machines into the country."


Congratulations Anthony and Gareth you pair of heroes. I'm sure the hospice are as eternally grateful for your hard work as we are.

If you have a 200 mile+ round trip that you've completed on your Lexmoto then get in touch. We just need some photos for proof and we'll send you an exclusive Adventure Club t-shirt and a £50 CMPOPARTS.COM voucher.

Safe riding.

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