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Lexmoto Ranger 125
Blue Black

Lexmoto Ranger 125 Overview

The Lexmoto Ranger possesses a high degree of quality which surprises many when you advise of the bikes origins. Even more so when you advise the price! Its clear to see why the high spec Ranger has become a benchmark for not only Chinese quality but Industry quality. With an inclusive odometer display and an accessible and comfortable riding position the Ranger cant help but be admired not only for its premium finish but its enjoyable riding nature. If you are looking for a high degree of quality that surpasses its cost then the Ranger is a marvel to behold.

Lexmoto Ranger 125 Features

LED Headlights
Ultra modern LED headlights will help you illuminate the road long after dusk has descended.
Learner Legal
The vehicle is able to be ridden on a CBT Certificate classed as a learner vehicle.
Great MPG
Most 125cc models can return between 80-100mpg whilst 50cc models are capable of 100-120mpg+ *dependant on riding style and other factors.
UK Model
All models are imported from China into the UK and registered with the DVLA and Insurance databases properly. This means that you get a bike that has already been registered so no additional paperwork needs to be sent directly to the DVLA and when it comes to insurance the companies know the bike and can provide cover.
Steering Lock
Keep the handlebars in a fixed position when parking your bike to provide your bike with additional protection.
Luggage Rack
This bike comes with a handy luggage rack on the back, so you can add on additional storage options to your bike.


Model Name
Lexmoto Ranger 125
Model Code
Fuel Capacity
13 Litres
100 kph
Max Power
(10.2 hp) 7.6kW @ 8500 rpm
Max Torque
Engine Brand
Engine Type
Single Cylinder
Engine Stroke
4 Stroke
Engine Cooling
Air Cooled
124 cc
Clutch Type
Hand Operated
Gear Type
1 Down - 4 Up
Drive Type
Start Type
Electric Start
Ignition Type
Front Brake
Rear Brake
Front Tyre
Rear Tyre
Tyre Model
Front Suspension
Telescopic Forks
Rear Suspension
Twin Shock Absorber
2176 mm
897 mm
1100 mm
Seat Height
720 mm
1400 mm
Ground Clearence
160 mm
Mass in Running Order
136 kg
Maximum Laden Mass
286 kg

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Be it travelling from Land's End to John O'Groats or navigating the Pyrenees, join our club for exclusive goodies and of course, bragging rights!

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Genuine Lexmoto parts and accessories

You can find genuine Lexmoto parts and accessories on our sister website CMPO, from nuts and bolts to complete engines CMPO stocks a wide variety of parts.

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Left/Right Handlebar End

Left/Right Handlebar End



Gear Lever / Pedal Toe Shift

Gear Lever / Pedal Toe Shift


Mudguard (Front) Gloss Black

Mudguard (Front) Gloss Black


Lower Yoke Cover

Lower Yoke Cover


Left Pillion Footpeg Bracket Cover

Left Pillion Footpeg Bracket Cover


Back Rest Pad Black

Back Rest Pad Black


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Aftermarket parts and accessories

Want to make your bike unique? You can get a wide range of aftermarket parts and accessories for your bike from Lextek.

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Lextek Alarm with Immobiliser and Remote Start

Lextek Alarm with Immobiliser and Remote Start



Lextek Front Sprocket 428-15T 156FMI 157FMI

Lextek Front Sprocket 428-15T 156FMI 157FMI



Lextek Front Sprocket 428-17T 156FMI 157FMI

Lextek Front Sprocket 428-17T 156FMI 157FMI



Lextek Rear Sprocket 428-44T 4 Bolt Fixing

Lextek Rear Sprocket 428-44T 4 Bolt Fixing



Lextek Front Sprocket 428-14T 156FMI 157FMI

Lextek Front Sprocket 428-14T 156FMI 157FMI



Lextek Indicator Relay

Lextek Indicator Relay



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