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Posted July 13, 2020

Brighton to Gibraltar - Venom goes South

Our next tale of adventure comes from a man they call Horatio. We have a lot of respect for this fella as we know he likes to buy second hand Lexmoto's, fix them up a bit, and find them a forever home. What a hero! On that note, I think we've found you a new mate - Hero-tio. I'll see myself out.

Anyway, sometimes life gives you lemons, you either throw them away or make lemonade. After being made redundant, one man on a mission knew exactly how to make some of grandma's sweet, thirst quenching lemonade, packed his bags, and joined the Lexmoto Adventure Club.

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Horatio Anderson

Lexmoto Venom

Brighton/Gibraltar. 3000+ miles round trip

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I took this trip for 2 main reasons. The first was in my friends group at the time I was the only one with a Lexmoto and would get stick for having a bike that would "brake down if someone flicked it". So I wanted to prove, that like any other bike that is well taken care of, it can really keep going! So what better way than a short trip overseas!
The second reason was I had just been made redundant. As I was in my mid 20s I thought why not make a memory that will last doing something I love.

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Preparations wise I did none. I stopped off at hostels here and there, ate a lot of fast food (why is the UK the only McDons to not sell beer?). I was doing this alone so the built in MP3 player was amazing for playing music kept me from being home sick. The bikes MPG was perfect for this trip as stopping every at other town would have really held me up!

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My favourite part would have to be the people I met along the way. Amazingly I met someone in a hotel that lived in the same town as me back home. So I would have to say the people, plus the smell of flowers as you drive past them on the open road. You only get when riding a motorbike.

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Congratulations Horatio on your epic solo trip, that's a fair way to travel on a 125cc bike, but just goes to prove it can be done. We're also wondering why McDonalds doesn't sell beer here? Let's be honest, it's probably for the best. It would be McCarnage on the streets.

If you've completed a 200 mile+ round trip on your Lexmoto, get in touch. We just need some photos for proof and we'll send you an exclusive Adventure Club t-shirt and a £50 CMPOPARTS.COM voucher, if we publish your story.

Safe riding.

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