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Knowing exactly what you are getting with your Scooter or Motorcycle is as important as finding the ride itself. At Lexmoto we have strict guidelines for the level of service our Dealers give you. This FAQ covers the very minimum of what you can expect from your purchase, as well as answering some wider Frequently Asked Questions.

I can't find the purchase button! Can I buy my Bike Directly from you?

We provide our models through our exclusive dealer network, so you can not only inspect your chosen vehicle more closely, but also get the expert advice and friendly banter that you can only get from a bike retailer. Buying a vehicle is a serious decision- we want you to be as passionate about our models as we are and benefit from all the support we can give you. For this reason, we don't sell online.

Do your Dealers offer finance?

We now have support from Black Horse finance Ltd to provide cover for all of our models, so please contact your nearest outlet to find out more details. Some of our dealers may also offer an alternative finance option at their own discretion.

What if my local Dealer doesn't have the model that I want?

If you've got your heart set on one of our great bikes but your dealer hasn't got it in stock then please contact us, and we will try and find the nearest stockist to you, or even try to arrange the object of your desire to be delivered to your dealer.

What can I expect to get when I buy the bike?

All bikes will be fully assembled and have at the very least: a Pre-Delivery-Inspection, full DVLA registration, 1 year of road tax included, your V5 log book, and warranty. Also your new bike is MOT free for the first 3 years, although you must still take care to keep it serviced and roadworthy at all times. We don't limit our dealers to the amount of support they can give you, so you may get much more than you expected- at the very least our Dealers are there to help you get on the road, and stay there, with their years of experience and professionalism.

What isn't provided that I would need to ride on the road?

Typically insurance and a helmet aren't provided with the sale of a bike; both are legally required to ride on the road. However, feel free to contact your local dealer to see if they have any offers.

Obviously I'm going to need insurance, who do you recommend?

We have tried a number of insurance companies who have insured our bikes in the past. And we now recommend either Bikesure or Rampdale, for your Chinese Motorcycle or Scooter Insurance. For more details on how to get a quote with any of these please see our Insurance page.

If I were to buy this, would you register it for 1st September/1st March for the new Reg?

Your Dealer may offer this service, but it could involve holding the order until after the beginning of September/March, so that you will get a `new` plate. Obviously this will mean a delay in getting your vehicle.

What approval do your vehicles have?

All our road legal vehicles are EEC approved, to Euro III standards where appropriate. All traders and dealers fully assemble, PDI and road-test all of our models before they let them go. They should never be sold in any other state. If you find any of our traders selling in crates or part-assembled, please contact us as soon as possible.

What is a PDI?

PDI stands for pre-delivery inspection. All of our traders and dealers must perform this rigorous set of checks and tests on all of our vehicles before they hand the vehicle over to you.

How do I take care of my vehicle?

Simply put, if you take good care of your bike it can last you a lifetime. Regardless of make, model and materials used, if you treat any vehicle poorly then it won't last long. If you take care of your vehicle, clean it regularly and most importantly keep to the maintenance schedule in the manual, then you can expect many years of riding pleasure. We cover some basic maintenance and servicing tips on our dedicated page. If you want to know more about careful maintenance of your vehicle, you can either ask your local Dealer, or find a riding community, there are plenty advertised online or in national and local enthusiast magazines.

What does my warranty cover?

The warranty you get with your bike may vary from dealer to dealer, so it is best to ask them what cover they provide. Healthy maintenance of your vehicle is essential to keep your warranty valid, as most warranties exclude any parts/products that are not serviced, maintained, used or stored in accordance with the recommended procedures, good user practice or common sense.

I know about motorcycle and scooter maintenance, where can I buy parts?

Firstly be very careful when replacing any part of your vehicle. It is very important that you know what you are doing, as you may invalidate your warranty by performing repairs yourself. However, if you are experienced in repairing your vehicle then we stock a full range of spare parts for all our models. We highly recommend that you order your spare parts through our dealers, but if you are certain of the part that you need you can order and purchase them on our Parts Site

Can you de-restrict this bike? Or can you tell me how to do it?

We do not recommend attempting to `de-restrict` this or any of our vehicles, for several reasons. You may cause the bike to become unsafe. Should you make a change to the stated BHP, or performance of the vehicle, you would very likely invalidate your insurance and furthermore, you will probably need a full motorcycle licence to ride the vehicle. These changes would also invalidate your warranty.

What are the licence requirements?

This is covered in our Roadworth page, where we cover the basics of road legal riding and the requirements surrounding them. However this is prone to revision by the DVLA and RSA, so we recommend that you also review their site to be as up to date as possible.